Hey there , I’m Evon ,thanks for stopping by..

Sometimes or rather most times while searching for information on wealth creation /business /money it feels like the information is just a suit and tie affair .Well apart from being too darn serious  it reminds you of some math class you didn’t like or understand.

This blog seeks to make that experience different , yes money is a serious affair, but messages about it are not meant to sound like they have been developed in a lab.

I started this blog to talk about money in terms of the different experiences we can learn from ,the many investment opportunities we don’t seem to know or understand ,start ups,professionals and entrepreneurs who can inspire us.

Not forgetting bits of my life that I wish to share hoping all this will inspire, inform or just give you a good laugh.

It’s obvious that I don’t like math ,the moment I see numbers and long calculations my mind goes into a blur, but knowing your money is not about math, its about attitude.

Being as it is, money is part and parcel of our lives,so feel welcomed to join me in my journey of embracing a better money mindset.

Wishing you lots of love and success as we begin,

Looking forward to connecting with you

Yours truly,xxxxxxx


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