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For some time now I have been hoping to come across the business text books I used in high school just to check if I was the one who missed this word ‘receivership’ in class or it was just not there .Maybe I was dozing off while the teacher was busy struggling to teach me very important words that would one day affect me.

It reminds me of my first experience purchasing an ATM card in the bank.

So here I was seated at one of the customer care desks. It was 2pm and the bank attendant looked like she was working for a fashion magazine .I wondered whether she’s ever experienced a bad hair day and her manicured nails, were they done at bus station? Ok those guys are really good at what they do. It reminded me of this story about a bank in town where the lady employees looked like they had modeling contracts from Coco Chanel and Loubutini 6inch heels.

Attendant: visa card or master card?

Me: huh?

Attendant: would you prefer a visa card or master card?

Me: weeell, what’s the difference?

Attendant: [smiles] well, the visa card…

Ok, here I am at 20 and I don’t know the difference between a visa card and a master card .It’s not about the school I went to. Heck! I’d even refused to have an ATM card in the first place because I did not think there was a huge difference between making queues at the waiting area and going to an ATM machine.

Partly I wouldn’t say it’s my fault that I did not think I needed one until the day I wanted to withdraw cash and it took about 40 minutes before my turn .The guy at the teller looked at my impatient face and mentioned how an ATM card would make a difference .This was the third time a bank teller was telling me I should seriously consider having an ATM card .

Teller guy: bank account number please.

Me: [takes out that paper card someone is first given when they get a bank account]

Teller guy: Thank you, well Evo you could consider getting an ATM card it’s cheaper withdrawing with it.

Me: [how did he know my name? oh the paper] Why?

Teller guy explained and this being the 100th time someone was mentioning the ATM card to me I took it as a sign from heaven.
And that’s how I ended up at miss manicured nails months later: this is after calculating that an ATM card only costed 500 shilling while I withdrew using 100 shillings each time I made those long queues. Which was not a lot of times but I had to do it before they increased the prices of the ATM Cards. A girl has got to be prepared [wink].

But times have changed the last time I checked they have seats and machines that give you seat numbers : so someone won’t have all their family members ,neighbors ,colleagues, chicken and pet dogs jump the queues barging past you like they own the tiled slippery floors.

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  1. How I wish people could speak about such things. People have a big disease , bigger than cancer or hiv aids .. It is Financial Illiteracy…


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