M-ZAWADI(a start-up that’s changing the way loyalty points work)

*Loyalty points: This are rewards given interms of points to customers with the intention of creating loyalty.They also allow customers to access discounts on future purchases .Normally they’re given by super markets or mobile service providers.

Eg,in my country Safaricom offers bonga points

*Loyalty cards:This are plastic cards loaded with points that allow purchasers to access discounts through swiping at the point of sale.

Eg,in my country many super markets offer loyalty cards such as the nakumatt global  card,Naivas card etc

So the other day, I was going through one of my social media pages when I came across this post where someone was enquiring from Safaricom if they could let him exchange bonga points for money. He stated that he urgently needed the money to refill his gas cylinder.

Ok, this gentleman got me laughing because, if you live in my country and you use Safaricom you’re probably aware that among the numerous services offered there is none as the one requested. But what really amused me is that I could relate to his situation.

There are those times when you need money to purchase a product /service but you’re either broke or you can’t fit anything extra into your budget. Yet when you check your phone you have loyalty points twice the amount of money you need.

Sometimes you just want to get a meal from the restaurant you frequent or a book from your local bookshop and you wonder why that place can’t give you loyalty points like other service providers do.

There’s a local cyber I have been frequenting for the last month , to an extent I could be confused for an employee there .If they could reward me with  loyalty points for every ten minutes I’ve spent there. I’m sure this month I wouldn’t have to use my own money.

Well, this amazing start up, M-Zawadi is making all this a reality. Through a phone application also named M-Zawadi, local shops ranging from salons, super markets, cloth stores to organizations such as schools and banks will be able to  reward their clients with loyalty points. This means that you don’t even have to have a card for this to work ,you just need your phone.

What’s more exciting is that M-Zawadi also allows any  loyalty point issued anywhere relevant for use in any other service or product provider. Meaning  you could  use loyalty points from your local super market at your favorite coffee joint or even pay for fuel using loyalty points from your local bank.

So far M-Zawadi has secured a deal with the international organization E-gift .meaning you soon be able to get someone that gift using loyalty points.

Keep it up M-Zawadi, that’s just one huge difference your bringing to the industry.


Video showing how m-zawadi works


2 thoughts on “M-ZAWADI(a start-up that’s changing the way loyalty points work)”

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