Hi There (Evo Diaries )

Hello there, welcome to the diary section of my blog.Well this very first post on the diary  just came at the right time .This week I’m celebrating my birthday. Yes, this girl is now officially an year older.So I decide to begin with some introduction. So using the order of the alphabet I’ll share in bits of my views and tastes.

So here goes:

Authenticity: you can only and  truly achieve the amount of Happiness ,love ,peace success et al , you seek when you become genuine to yourself and to your environment. That time you decide to be true to yourself and stand out as an individual with your individual beliefs and values .Now that is personal freedom.

Books: For as long as I can remember the only  books my hand ever got a feel of is my school curriculum books and novels. But I decided to change that the beginning of this year when I gave a break to reading novels and decided to read nonfiction books when I was challenged by a few reada-holic friends *is there such a word* . Since my first book I’m thirsty for more .There’s so much immense knowledge lying around in libraries and book shops.

Charisma: This is one strong personal quality very few people easily have some of us have to struggle to learn our way into it.

Cartoons: I’m a real huge fan of cartoons .ok, animation

Dogs: favorite pets

Dance: ok,dance is my way of letting it all out .I dance when happy,when down or when that new beat comes up.Its so serious I once co-founded a dance agency :for latin and hip hop dances.

Extrovert: my strongest personality side. Talk about being half choleric half sanguine.

El nino : for a long time I grew up thinking el nino is a type of really harsh rain only to realize it’s a weather phenomenon and in some countries it’s a weather phase.

Food: food is bae (before anything else)

Feminine: In this era of the strong independent lady. It’s very easy to forget how to be gentle  and delicate

Happy go lucky: Once in a while its good to embrace the moment, learn to enjoy the sunshine ,the rain,live and let live.

I think: I’d like the option of deciding when to grow an year older. I didn’t even finish being 20.

Humor: Take it easy it’s never that serious.

Reading : some book on marketing and pr in the era of social media. How did I get here?Oh how I miss you dear novel

Tea:Ok,who else prefers tea to coffee? raises hand*

Warthog: Isn’t it abit unfair to call an animal ugly just because its different….






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