Evo Diaries (Two)


Another: Hey there sweetheart, here’s another page from Evo-diaries ,for you.Enjoy….

Best: There’s some new kind of energy that comes with a compliment ,an oomph, the zeal to do even better.That feeling you get when someone notices how you put your heart into something.Then there are those times noone will notice.Just keep on doing your best even when noone gives you credit.

Blog: For the longest time I’ve heard countless people praise blogging , and all this while I’d be there thinking “yeah yeah,blah blah blah ,rolls eyes*” .This went on until I started my blog journey in Mid May and I can’t shut up about this eye opening ,exciting experience that I’m really getting addicted to.Though I’m beginning to wonder if it’s some sort of  honey moon period.

China:Sigh* Soon I’ll begin to sound like I’m doing a Kenyan for China Campaign .I’m talking about China to anyone who seems to lend me an ear.Only because an author of this book I even wrote about here  managed to convince me that its an interesting country.Talk about good marketing skills.Its not just about their tourist attractions I want to see everything. Factories,Footballers ,Old Alleys , Farms, little big people,kidding*

Dreamer:Hello,my name is Evon and I’m a dreamer. Well before it starts sounding awkward,I don’t mean literal dreaming, I’m referring to goal like dreaming.Like I dream about being a game changer, ,having a great passion for life, where I’d like to go,who I’d like to meet .I dream BIG.The thing about dreamers is we believe so much in our dreams we have no option but to make it happen

English: Its official my grammar is wanting .For as long as I can remember I thought I was the queen of English, I was the it, the crown bearer. Until, I started re-reading what I write here and I’m left wondering “what the hell are you saying girl? “ .There  is a real difference between knowing English and constructing grammatically correct sentences

Fall: I’m learning to pause and let things fall in place.I don’t always have to be super assertive/aggressive for everything to work out,or rather be in total control of all situations.I’m choosing to pause more,breathe more,live for the moment more because in the end things will fall in place.

July: Having hysterical sobs  when I remember its mid year* Like where is the year running to.

LOL: First things first this word is infectious.Stay away from people who “lol” often if you don’t want to end up like me.I LOL at anything, when its funny LOL, when its not funny LOL ,when I’m being sarcastic LOL,when I have no comment to what you’ve just said LOL,when the weather changes LOL, when LOL-ing isn’t even necessary LOL. I’m in dire need of an anti-loling remedy,hangs head*

Milk shake: i had this really nice milkshake at Leaf and Bean,Limuru road which I can’t stop thinking about.

One: One day in another country is like one year reading a book ,desires to see the world*

Quality:I was marveling at the work a make-up artist friend did when it hit me,what made her stand out was the great amount of quality she normally invests in . Top-notch quality will make you remembered,it will make people pay to their last dime. So the main aim is to create, give, use,buy,think,dream and even breathe the best of results .

Song:Finally!!! I found out what this kind of music is called .Its bubble gum pop, people  . Before you click and find out it’s not your kind of thing, It’s Meghan Trainor’s song-All About That Bass

Time out : I will be off the blog block for a very short while in July taking a breather as I work on all the recommendations, opinions and positive criticism received this far. You have been real darlings during this period and you deserve the best from my side. I’m  here for the long run though .

Visitor: Recently I experienced an epiphany. whenever visiting or even meeting someone who has agreed to give you their time be it formal or informal. Have the courtesy to carry a gift or rather how most people put it “carry something small”. Such small acts go a really long way .

Word: Word of the day “epiphany”-That moment you suddenly realize or understand something important.For the longest time I assumed I knew what this word meant.

YouTube: Really yearning to do more YouTube videos .I’ll be sharing the two I have done so far on my social media pages during the break.

Zee End

With love,



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