TICAD Explained(So what is TICAD?)

So with TICAD  herImage result for ticad vi picse immediately after UNCTAD someone’s probably wondering if all this words are  related,sisters maybe?

Obviously there’s another person who can’t grasp what this TICAD is and what the big deal is,is it some sort of bird?a new video game ?

We can’t forget the lot, who  like me,are drowning in all this information, experiencing information overload or rather description overload wondering why we can’t have shorter names for events instead of mnemonics. .Casually mentioning how this year is so short events have to be squeezed each after the other.Just about to say “serikali saidia”

Typically when you explain to someone about TICAD you can’t really know what to expect.

Person: so you mean Image result for people having conversation picsthis TICAD event is show stopping .Like it’s really HUGE?

Me: (really?)

Person: Don’t give me that look .You did say it’s something important. We should expect limos cruising all over town or something

Me: (laughs) Kinda, but let me just go through it again. In a language you understand

Ok, so there’s this event TICAD(Tokyo International Conference on African Development).Twenty three years in existence,6th conference this year hence the name “TICAD-VI”.

Person:wait,so if this event has been around for this long,why have i never heard about it?

Probably because the event has always been held in Japan.But From this year onwards it will be hosted alternately in African countries and Japan. Hence this being the first summit held in Africa, Kenya see, why its such a big deal?)

Person: so in summary ,in a very short statement ,just tell me what the event is about?

The event’s main aim is to promote Africa’s development (through cooperation between Asia and Africa ) in of course trade and investment but besides this  TICAD also takes into great consideration issues of peace and security.i could also add,that with around 10,000 delegates attending there are going to be plenty of road closures and diversions.

Person: wait, road diversions might mean no going to work early (smiles)

Unfortunately for anyone who would like to extend their sleeping hours on a weekday .The main events will be on a weekend beginning on 27th and ending on 28th of August.Probably saving some of us from getting late to work But just in case you go to church around the CBD or park your car around Uchumi just next to the sunken car park and supreme court be warned.

 By the way those people who are picked by their campus bus just along the walls of the supreme court, do you also do so on Saturday?

Person: So what’s the catch?Image result for what's the catch pics

Me: What do you mean what’s the catch?

Person: Patriots like me want to know what the country is gaining in return,you know?

We are expecting a number of business Memorandums to be signed during the conference, ofcourse with 10,000 delegates and the numerous side events we expect to have a good percent of investors.Most of all there’s a high expectation of the event injecting 12 billion into the economy.

Person: sounds good enough, I bet you’re going .Probably there’s going to be free food (laughs) plus free information and free entrance .Oh free WI-FI

Me: (laughs)you’re so human. sorry no free food.

Person: I could come with you then ,at least  have something to share at the office, on face book & twitter instead of how my Sunday was boring  & lazy .Probably get some picture for Instagram

Me: (laughs) sorry ,registration is closed

Person: Oh shucks! bet they’ll show it on TV just make sure you sit at the front .Wave at the camera or something

Me:[laughs] sure will do, probably dress in some bright yellow color too. 

                                                        THE END

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