You’ve probably been switching on TV this  month and boom its that story about strikes again.You expected that by now everything would have been settled Image result for let's learnbut instead its the same trend from previous years.But this time round ,during news bulletins this word “CBA” keeps on popping up .Even if you’re the type that skips business news to watch Zee World soaps you must have come across it from that serious guy  you follow on social media ,from that watsupp group you’re part of or as you flip through the office newspaper.

But every time this word pops up its followed by a 300% or 50% or a mention of a figure.So your mind probably doesn’t really grasp much about the CBA but rather reminds you how asking even for 10% raise from your boss requires a whole month’s rehearsal.By the time your mind has tuned back to reality the word was replaced by another and all your mind remembers is that figure .

So what exactly is this CBA?

The term CBA which in full stands for a collective bargaining agreement is a written agreement concerning any term and conditions of employment made between a trade union and an employer.The agreement is then signed by the CEO,national secretary or any representative of the employers’ organization whereby it then becomes enforceable after registration.

How is a collective agreement registered?

Collective agreements are registered with the Industrial Court.Where a submission of the agreement is done by the employer though submission can also be done by a trade union due to failure by the employer.  

What could lead to the objection of what is contained in the CBA?Image result for collective bargaining agreement

The Industrial Court may object to the registration if the agreement either conflicts with the Act that forms it or any other law.On the other hand the same may happen if the CBA does not comply with any guidelines concerning wages, salary and other conditions of employment issued by the minister.

In previous years the unions have moved to court to severally compel the ministries to honor the CBA.What is the duration for registration?

The Industrial Court may register a collective agreement within fourteen days of receiving it, unless there is an objection which has been given.Once registered, the collective agreement binds parties to comply with the commitments made under it.

How long does a CBA last?

It lasts for a  span of up to two years before renewal by parties.

Why then have there been strikes most quatres of previous years if there’s already an agreement?

Following the execution of the doctor’s and university staff CBA ,no registration has been done.The ministries being the employer in this case have the duty to present the CBA to the court who then make it legally binding.But this has not been the case as we have seen in previous years the different unions have taken the ministries to court with the intention of  compelling them to honor the CBA.

So its actually something we should know about since you never know if your line of work might be the next one facing the struggle of explaining that there’s more to a CBA than the figure

.Most of the time we hear of strikes we always assume its about the pay rise.Partially yes , from our lecturers research they’re among the least paid in the world.On the other hand the doctor’s state the same sentient  but that’s not the only reason this two groups have been conducting industrial demonstrations year after year.

First and foremost there is the need to improve  work environments  by implementing policies that support Career development and training meaning more Specialists at a hospital near you and at our local universities.This way there will  Increased access to hospitals, reduced cost of quality treatment and better education thus you dont have to conduct crowdfunding  to cover travel expenses and various expenses to access quality services in other countries.

There’s shortage of staff in both sectors since some are preferring to seek opportunities in other countries due to the various reasons affecting their working conditions.Therefore there’s a great need to train more professionals and actually provide the necessary working environment to keep them here.

Health and education are key necessities all across the country taking into consideration remote areas where the professionals are also required .There’s a great need to provide better Housing, transport & security so they’re not afraid of working in those areas.

There’s need for necessary medical supplies & equipment in all our hospitals to deliver quality services.

The doctor’s CBA mentions the need to  reverse the constitutional provision that deals with budget allocation in the ministry.This is because although the counties have been receiving money to provide quality service delivery in recent years.Patients have been forced  to travel across the country to seek better health services because their county hospitals were lacking in one way or another.Allocation of funds is also done from  the ministry to the counties and not vise versa yet we aren’t seeing any improved services in most of the county hospitals.This could mean there’s probably been a gap in regards to the process of devolution in the ministry.

Its clear that the CBA covers not only salaries and employee benefits but also a way to better services.


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