Lying to your customer

So let’s say you need a plastic table and you’ve noticed a new shop in your hood where you can get one. You swing your way to the place hoping to get fair prices and a table that has an allowance to hold that very huge umbrella.
Unfortunately they tell you its at their other shop so “just drop by tomorrow and we’ll have it ready for you” Thats okay with you since you need to use it the day after tomorrow .
The following day you drop by at around 7pm on.your way home from work .
Apparently the table is still in their other shop which they explain is just five minutes away .
You decide to accompany the ‘picker’ to cut time since its already dark and you want to get home fast .
10 minutes later you’ve pased several buildings and ‘vichochoros’ you didn’t even know existed the five plus years you’ve lived here.
There’s no turning back since you’ve already come all the way plus the lady you accompanying just keeps on saying you’re almost there.
By the time you get to the shop you can bet it was a 15+ minute walk. You’re way too agitated to hold a conversation you just want your table and a way out of here.

Treating your customer like your forever buddy

Shockingly the attendant at this shop finds it funny they lied to you ” uliambiwa Ni dakika tano tu ,hahahaha ,aki pole,unakaa umekasirika  ‘
They aren’t even aware that you’d have to pick a matatu back home since its dark and you can’t even trace the paths you used .
They’re  expecting you to laugh back at their nasty joke possibly high fiving and letting it slide.

Not Delivering
You ask for your table so you can drag yourself back home but alas!  Your plastic table doesn’t have the umbrella allowance like you’d preferably requested .Considering you’d mentioned the specifics of what you wanted the previous day and today the attendant claims she didn’t know .You can’t take the table since its not what you prefer and you can’t go to another shop since most are closed by that time.
Since you don’t even know the way to picking your matatu you ask the girl who brought you there to escort you back.
On your way the attendant you’d left behind  calls the girl whose phone can only function on loud speaker .Apparently she wants to know  why she’s escorting you ,did you offer her a job?
Too much drama in such a short while you just need to sleep it through.

Arguing with customers
You wake up the next day and go to get mandazis from the guy by the roadside.
Like any other Saturday there’s a long queue , a car drops by beside the queue,  from the seat of his car the driver shouts across that he wants five mandazis .So the guy serving the customers in line stops to sell to the driver.Probably avoiding to create car traffic,but you know how pedestrians feel about drivers .So the man whose about to be served on the line complains he was skipped .The seller tries to explain why he had to serve the car guy first.This other gentleman claims he was causing even more traffic by people standing there.
But then the seller wants to prove his point so there’s a two minute exchange  before the whole thing slides.
It reminds you of the many times such small arguments have even led to huge fights

Talking about the customer
You had an early salon appointment so you drop by .A lady comes in enquiring about the braiding price. She’s answered and promises to come back ,from where you’re sitted you can see that she’s just right outside the door talking to someone she jusy met.The lady who’s busy on your pedicure asks rather loudly if that’s the lady who they were told had been kicked out for not paying rent “na venye Ni mrembo,kwani hana kazi?”
You wonder if that’s how they talk about you when you leave.The salon is rather small so you’re sure she heard that.

Not understanding customer preference
So its midday you need something to watch, there’s a new movie guy you’ve been going to for the last three times .You’re in the mood for some  investigative comedy or some family drama .So you ask for something similar to ‘maddogs: . But this guy is showing you trailers of sci-fi and investigative drama.You’ve been here three times but he just doesn’t get your kind of taste .
So you remember a few movies your previous guy had recommended and ask for three. It will take an hour to ‘burn ‘ them so you leave hoping to come back for them when they’re ready but two hours later ,he’s only managed to ‘burn ‘ one.

Having a negative attitude towards your customers

On your way home you see some nice dress .You have some money with you .The seller has a nice collection you can come back for after the one you plan to get now.So you try and bargain your way to a fair price but the guy just tells you “kama hauna pesa enda”

After that ordeal you pass by the supermarket and get a Cold soda to drown your embarrassment .On your way to the house you stop by the restraunt  to get a smokie and a kebab but you can’t see a smokie on the display sale cart outside the restaurant so you ask if he can get you any from inside the restraunt
But alas he asks “do you see any smokie there” of course not “that means there’s none anywhere”.You don’t even ask for the kebab ,you walk away hoping the soda will do its trick.

Not Understanding the customer’s order

You’re about to get to sleep but first you need to ensure that ypu look super gorgeous for tomorrow’s afternoon party.
You take out the package you got from the online clothes shop ,but wait ,why does this dress look dark purple instead of navy blue.
You walk around in every room hoping the lighting is the problem but nothing changes.


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