Embracing “stuck”

For a period this year I started slugging off in my writing .I had the ideas,the stories but I could not just get myself to put it down on paper .
I beat myself up for it ,
I felt bad ,

I blamed myself for being lazy ,

It wasn’t even an year yet so there was no explanation,
I tried my best to fight the feeling and pushed myself ,
I couldn’t understand why things weren’t going my way,
One day in May my post felt sort of robotic.Its as if I was writing for the sake of it.Not because it would add value to anyone but because I had to write.I was in some sort of competition.I couldn’t even pin point what pushed me to start writing in the first place.Nothing made sense even when I went back to read the whole plan I had for whatever I do on my content sharing platforms.
Recently I came across this article of someone who’d left blogging for three years.Aside from her grammar still being intact what stood out for me was that even after three years later she still came back ,she still had the writing “sauce”and this time possibly better sharing knowledge to do with what she’d been practicing for three years.
It then occured to me,
That this right here is MY journey
Yes,I want to wake up one day and see that I have good number of people who actually read what I write or even win an award or something,But those things aren’t running anywhere .What matters is that I add value to myself and whoever I’m sharing this journey with and everything else will later fall in place.
There’s a time for everything
A time to go all mojo and a time to slug off,a time to step back and  a time to reflect
And we are allowed to step back.No one is counting seconds or hours going by .
No one is waiting to scold you because your spirit got tired,
The things you left will still be here probably just a few changes but you will also have something to share in return.You’ll possibly have more clarity in whatever you do.
You can CHANGE the narrative ones in awhile
For a number of months this year I gained a new skill set ,
It was something I have always wanted to learn and I was even lucky to start practicing job-wise .
it never occurred to me that “girl you can share this information” on digital marketing,.Instead I beat myself up for not being able to write about “how to pitch”
I also don’t know why I’m attracted to sharing about this serious topics
Getting just abit of clarity after I actually accepted that I really I’m not moving and its okay to just say “i’m actually feeling stuck ,I’m not perfect and I need to stop for awhile to be able forge a way forward”  .I guess I’d set my expectations high in terms of progress that I’d completely forgotten the  aim,the goal and that its a journey.
I don’t know your “stuck” journey but it could be you’re struggling to even get your first job or working towards your goals or your passion just seems like a far off dream of paying up .
Nothing is moving.
Life is literally laughing back at you sarcastically .
You feel that you have to struggle abit to hard to get things moving.Maybe you could listen to what your spirit is saying to you.Probably its not saying anything ,step back -for clarity.
Its okay to embrace your stuck.

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