My Short Experience in Digital Marketing

Hey there
I can’t boast of several years of practise but I can share about my very recent experiences in this area
 In June I officially started practicing digital marketing ,I felt super prepared with all my notes from class and the digital jargon I’d acquired .I could shock anyone right now.
First thing I did before my official day at the new work place.I went online through every single platform I  knew and checked how the company had been fairing.With a very small track record to show clearly  I was to begin from the very beginning .From creating social media pages to the point where I would find ways to tap into our target audience online. I also assumed that if I hadn’t known the existence of the company  possibly no one else did so it could use a lot of popularity .When I sat down on my first day ,all prepped to say what I’m bringing to the table, reality hit in. First they’ve been making sales before I came in and second…
Noone wants a popular company that’s not making returns
So from then on the main goal has been conversion. But first it all begins by getting the right strategy of attracting or reaching out to people who will see our products and want to buy or even ask about it .Which brings me to this questions
how many people buy from social networks  in your locality or country ?Where are they found? What makes them buy?
In this short while  have realized that for someone to actually click on that “shop now” or even get influenced to buy from you because they saw you online .There are other influencing factors .But all that is in another article .
Now lets be real ,getting even 200 followers will be miraculous if you’re still new.
 I remember that for a whole week I had around 20 followers on twitter. First because I have had twitter phobia for the longest time finding it super complicated.
we all have that social media platform we don’t like.
I wouldn’t have moved to what I have right now if it wasn’t for guidance from a  friend who has been doing digital marketing for awhile  .That’s how I noticed there are actually  different  tactics ,tips and tricks for all the  different platforms and the only way to find out is to engage with other individuals in the area and practice.
Its okay to google but its even better to hear what people are doing around you
If I hadn’t asked how to go about the reality of things I’d still be awkwardly explaining at the end of the month  why we still don’t have a following .Getting a following isn’t enough but you still have to have one to get to the right one .Getting people to actually leave a comment , like or even inbox you about your product  is actually the real hustle. But  it takes time to learn why they aren’t engaging or what makes them tick. Some of us just prefer to window shop online or contribute to conversations online  but we’ll never actually buy.  While there’s the group that will see, have no reaction online but will actually walk to the shop ,restaurant or company and buy.
Since learning that converting people to actually purchase through social media platforms takes time. As I gradually get that going  I found other online ways to actually increase sales . But this I will share in another post .
This  short experience has made me realize some things you can only master through continuous practice.

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